Outdoor Recreation

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Family Fun way to spend time together
outside, camping, hanging at the park or lake.


  • Limbo
    Good O' Limbo, you can use a hiking stick, broom stick what ever you find as your limbo bar. and lets see how Low You Can Go! Don’t forget you some music to really pump up the fun!
  • Glow Stick Ring Toss
    Give each play 3-5 glow stick rings – glow bracelets or necklaces work well. Dig a stick into the dirt so that it is poking up out of the ground. Take turns trying to throw your glow stick rings over the stick.
  • Alphabet Hunt
    Try to find one object that starts with each letter of the alphabet, in this game everyone works together and everyone wins.
  • Nature Scavenger Hunt
    Create a list of objects to find in nature, or print out our fun nature scavenger hunt list From on line..
  • Flashlight Tag
    This is a fun game to play once it gets dark. Give the tagger a flash light and play tag as you normally would, except the tagger uses the light of the flashlight to “tag” people.
  • Squirt Gun Races
    Line up empty plastic cups along the edge of a table. Squirt the cups with the water guns until they fall off the edge of the table. see how many you can get in a minute
  • Simon Says
    One person is chosen to be ‘Simon.’ Simon tells other players what they must do, however the players must only obey the commands that begin with the words “Simon says.” or your out.

Parks and Playgrounds

Lake Whitney State Park - Texas Parks & Wildlife

Lake Whitney State Park – Texas Parks & Wildlife has an amazing facebook. They post lots of event they are host. If you are planning a day trip or you are lucky enough to live out by the park Fallow their page. From Star Partys to Digital Scavenger Hunt they always seam to have something fun going on. https://www.facebook.com/pg/LakeWhitneyStatePark/events/

Hillsboro City Park

North Pleasent Street, Hillsboro, TX 76645 Park Hrs- 8AM–10PM Hillsboro City Park is a hidden gem of a park from its multiple large spaced out play-ground areas to is splash park and walking paths. This City park has lighted tennis courts & a musical park installation, walking paths and cleans and open bathrooms. Within Facility baseball tennis court volleyball splash pad pavilions  restrooms playgrounds fitness trail picnic tables

Wallace Park

  TX-81, Hillsboro, TX 76645 Hrs Open 8am-10pm With Over 100 acres, Wallace Park is the perfect setting for most any occasion, Flying Kites, Walking Dogs, Bike Riding and oh so much more.   Park Link Within Facility baseball basketball soccer volleyball football pavilions  restrooms playgrounds nature trail picnic tables

Fairfield Lake State Park

123 State Hwy Rd P64, Fairfield, TX 75840 Reserve your spot by phone: (512) 389-8900 https://tpwd.texas.gov/state-parks/fairfield-lake With its beautiful camping spots, walking trails, equestrian trails,  its a beautiful and quiet place to bring the family for a nice weekend getaway. Bring you boat, Boating is welcome as well on a 2,400-acre lake, water skiing, jet skiing, and especially fishing. Locals know this lake is a hided gem when it come to