Hill County Town

Penelope, Texas

Penelope  home of the Wolverines!! This tiny town takes less than a minute to drive through. With not much more then 200 people who live in this quiet town, there is not much to it. However, Penelope, like many small town was built around the Great Northern Railroad glory days, was named after the daughter of the president of the railroad, Penelope Trice. The town’s people pretty much know everybody


Blum located in Northwestern Hill County. Blum sits approximately 22 miles Northwest of Hill County Big City Hillsboro. Blum got it’s humble start sometime in the 1880’s. Named for prominent business man, and successful merchant Leon Blum. Incorporated in 1913, population started to decline in the 1920’s, even more during and after the Great Depression. 2016 census has a estimated population of 443.

Mount Calm is a rural town in Southern Hill County. Hwy 31 crosses through the western corner. Settled in the 1850's when nearly 50 families came to farm and make a life. Mount Calm erected a Baptist Church in 1855, with Post Office following in 1858. Population increased with the arrival of Texas & St. Louis Railroad in 1881 although not in Mount Calm it was close enough for businesses to come, and set up. Mount Calm celebrated the turn of the century by incorporating in 1900.

Mount Calm Business Directory

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Dixie's Little Stop / Cefco
203 State Highway 31,
Mount Calm, TX, 76673

(254) 993-3111

Birome Gin

139 Fm 308
Mount Calm, TX, 76673

(254) 533-2291


184 Hcr 3276,
Mount Calm, TX, 76673

(254) 993-3111


Carl's Corner

Carl’s Corner is a small residential community, in Northeastern Hill County. Approximately 7 miles from Hillsboro, where Carl’s Corner get most of their services from. Founded by Carl Cornelius long time friend of the Famous Texan Willie Nelson. Cornelius owned the adjacent property, site of many Willie Nelson 4th of July celebrations & Concerts.

Whitney TX

Whitney is known as the “Getaway Capital of Texas”. With Lake Whitney there it’s no surprise as to why Whitney is a year round destination. Providing beautiful views, great boating,fishing, and other water sports. You’ll also find some good eats here in Whitney, stop by Bobby’s Burgers or the Texas Great Country Cafe & Pie Pantry.


Located at the intersection of Hwy 67 and 171, 15 miles north of Hillsboro sits the town of Covington. Which puts this charming little town of a estimated 271 people in northern Hill County. Covington was founded in the Spring of 1852 by Colonel James Jackson Gathings.


Mertens is located in Eastern Hill County along State Highway 22. Mertens eastern border actually makes up in part the Navarro County Line. First settlers arrived in the late 1880’s, and the town’s name orginated from the engineers wife of the first train to run through the town. Mertens is extraordinarily small, with a 2016 population estimate of 125.


Itasca  home of the Wampus Cats!! Itasca has a very well informed website for their town. http://www.biglittletowntexas.com Itasca was founded in 1881 as a Railroad Station for the Texas,Kansas and Missouri railroad finally being incorporated in 1885. Itasca known as “The Big Little Town” is one of the more populated towns in Hill County, with a population near 1,650. Situated along I-35W Itasca is the approximate halfway point between Ft.


Hubbard  home of the Jaguars!!

Hubbard Texas is a small Hill county town. Located in a triangle in between Corsicana,Waco, and Hillsboro Texas. Hubbard was once a bustling resort town because of its mineral springs and had several bath houses. Nowadays, it has a much slower pace, quiet and peaceful. Hubbard definitely warrants a visit from fishing anglers as Navarro Mills lake has some of the best crappie fishing in the state. Or visit one of the few antique malls and find a cool hidden gem.

Hubbard Personal Website  HubbardCity.com

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Artisan Jewelers
108 NW 2nd St
Hubbard, TX 76648

(254) 221-9414

Burrito Barn
at the red light
(we only have one)
Hubbard, TX 76648

Brookshire Brothers
305 NE 4th St
Hubbard,TX 76648

(254) 576-2005

Dollar General
69 N Magnolia Ave
Hubbard, TX 76648

(903) 229-4280

Discover Hubbard

Donut Palace
306 N Cedar Ave
Hubbard,TX 76648

(254) 576-1275

Feed Store
303 S Magnolia Ave,
Hubbard, TX 76648

(254) 576-1746

Freeman Chiropratic
103 NE 2nd Street
Hubbard, Texas 76648

(254) 576-2311

First Stop Last Stop Trading Post

3480-3482 TX Hwy 31
Hubbard, TX 76648
(254) 433-1955


Foster Properties
101 NE 2nd St
Hubbard, Texas 76648

(254) 576-2521

H&R Block
104 NW 2nd St
Hubbard Tx, 76648

(254) 576-2056

Hammer Service Station
100 NW Fourth Street
Hubbard, Tx 76648

(254) 576-2105

Handyman 4Hire

Aaron Thompson
Hubbard Tx 76648
(254) 447-2732
Facebook      Website

Hubbard Antique Mall
204 NE 4th St.
Hubbard, TX 76648

(254) 576-2926

Hubbard City Drug
200 N Magnolia Ave
Hubbard, TX, 76648

(254) 576-2241 

Hubbard Livestock Markets
3422 State Hwy 31
Hubbard, TX, 76648

(254) 576-2584

Hybridfit TEXAS

700 NE 4th St
Hubbard, TX, 76648
(254) 855-6905

Hubbard Recovery
506 N Hickory Ave
Hubbard, Tx 76648

(888) 214-6464

Hubbard’s Vendors Market (254) 747-3558

Ida Pearl's

Vintage, Antiqe, Unique
215 N. Magnolia
Hubbard, TX, 76648
(254) 744-4144
Email   Facebook   Website

Keith Hardware
701 TX-31
Hubbard, Tx 76648

(254) 576-2076

Mills Auto
604 NE 4th St
Hubbard, TX 76648

(254) 576-2490

Muirhead Ranch & Realty
201 N Magnolia Avenue
Hubbard, Texas 76648

(214) 808-3418

Polo's Pizza
205 N Magnolia Ave,
Hubbard, TX 76648


3425  Hwy 31
Hubbard, TX 76648

110 NE 4th St
Hubbard, Tx 76648

(254) 576-1881

Radke Machine & Tool
607 NE Fourth St
Hubbard, Tx 76648

(254) 576-2513

Sunshine Academy

701 NE 5th St #B
Hubbard, Tx 76648
(254) 576-3242
Facebook   Website

Swearingen Custom Woodwork

Texas Brand Insurance Agency
107 NE Third Street
Hubbard, Texas 76648

(254) 576-1180

Texas Farm Bureau Insurance
Paula Beers

P.O.Box 215
Hubbard, Tx 76648
O-(254) 576-1558

Texas Southern Outlaw BBQ

Turning Heads Salon
Erin Mashburn

102 NE 3rd st.
Hubbard, Tx 76648

Wade Funeral Home
201 NW Third Street
Hubbard, Tx 76648

(254) 576-2531

Wild Boar Meat Company
Meat Processor
1005 NW 4th St

(254) 315-1289

Zachary Scott Auction
206 N Magnolia Ave
Hubbard, Tx 76648

(254) 625-0097

Discover Hubbard

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Home of the Aquilla Cougar..

Aquilla'a Business Directory

G & P Seed Co

105 Treadwell,
Aquilla, TX 76622
(254) 694-2275