Tiny Whiskers Rattery

About Us:

I just want to start out by introducing myself, my name is Kimberly I run Tiny Whiskers Rattery and want to tell you a little about myself before I get into what I breed. I started breeding because I enjoy being around animals of all kind and got a passion for rats and wanted to show off how cute they really can be and also show off my photography by doing photo shoots of them. I’ve always grown up with animals and wanted others to experience how great they really can be. I also teach my kids about growth development in the animals I breed and they enjoy every part of it. I breed rats, rabbits and hamsters!

My Whiskered Breeds


Coats: satin, Rex, double Rex, Velveteen, standard and hairless.

Ear types: standard and Dumbo

Varieties: Silvermane, Siamese Sable, Russian blue, cinnamon pearl, Russian blue agouti, Agouti, fawn, American blue, blaze, beige, cinnamon and Dalmatian.


I have Holland Lop, Mini Lop, Lion Head, Rex & Mini Lion lop.


Coat: long haired, short haired, satin, banded and solid.
Color: black, tortoiseshell, cream, brown and roan.

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