Texas Bee’s

Be a Honey & help save the Bee's

We are focused on the CONSERVATION Honey Bee's by BUILDING the knowledge and awareness of the COMMUNITY around us

TSIS Bee Removal Info

Texas Apiary Inspection Service at 979-845-9713 or TAIS@tamu.edu and we will be happy to assist you.

Beekeepers listed at the link below have registered with the Texas Apiary Inspection Service as required by Texas Agriculture Code.

TAIS list of  BeeKeepers

Bee Identification

What’s a bee? And what isn’t?

Distinguishing between a bee and wasp can be tricky at times, but here are some simple characteristics to differentiate between the two. Get help from the Pro's  to see what you are dealing with.

TAIS  Bee Identification

Interesting Articles About Bees

How To Save The Bees? 10 Things You Can Do


12 Mind-Blowing Facts About Bee!


We Support our loacl Honey Bee's RESCUE

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