Mount Calm

Mount Calm is a rural town in Southern Hill County. Hwy 31 crosses through the western corner. Settled in the 1850's when nearly 50 families came to farm and make a life. Mount Calm erected a Baptist Church in 1855, with Post Office following in 1858. Population increased with the arrival of Texas & St. Louis Railroad in 1881 although not in Mount Calm it was close enough for businesses to come, and set up. Mount Calm celebrated the turn of the century by incorporating in 1900.

Mount Calm Business Directory

ACL Designs

Dixie's Little Stop / Cefco
203 State Highway 31,
Mount Calm, TX, 76673

(254) 993-3111

Birome Gin

139 Fm 308
Mount Calm, TX, 76673

(254) 533-2291

184 Hcr 3276,
Mount Calm, TX, 76673

(254) 993-3111


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